Newf Dog Stampin

Newf Dog Stampin
Still Working on Stampin' Up

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mojo Monday My first

My sister Martha Stewart( NOT that Martha) told me I should do the Mojo Monday card.
Being this is my first, I spent 2 hours getting it right just to pull the flowers off and start again.
Well here is what I did. I know it is plain but for my first attempt....not too bad. Do you know how hard it is to cut 1/8 inch strips to make thread when you don't own any??? And do you like the button....I made that too......

quilter's Bargello

I got my first Stampin' Success yesterday.... I found the Bargello Page and being a quilter I took up the challenge. I know the one in Stampin' Success is a smaller scale but a quilter needs more color. Hope you like it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stamping with a 2 yr old?!!!

Now I know that it is hard to think about, but YES I stamped with my 2 yr old grandson. He saw I was cutting paper so he gets on my lap to help.
We cut lots of paper and I had some of the flowers cut out but then we started. Let me tell you 2 yr old's LOVE the Stampin' Up Snail. There is something fun about gluing stuff down. He picked up the pieces I put the glue on the back and he stuck it down. Cooper also loved the Stampin' Up Dimensionals. We did not understand that once you put the dimensionals can't take them off. . Cooper wanted to put the Stampin Up Embooss powder on everything. We mixed up the gold, silver and the indescent ice. Only mixed up a little. Cooper didn't like the heat gun but he did like the magic. The second card he took the frames from the cut outs and we used a sponge and used them as stencils.
On the one card he stamped with the Versa Mark with the stamp set "Sending Happy Thoughts"

Next week Father's Day Cards with Cooper.... My first Stampin' Up Workshop went well....But he didn't have money with him at the time. But he made a "Make and Take" He just took it before Grand Ma could take a photo of it.