Newf Dog Stampin

Newf Dog Stampin
Still Working on Stampin' Up

Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 3 part 2

After finishing my box and cards I was looking for new projects.On Martha Stewart's (not " THE " Martha Stewart" )site I found VersaMark Technique Off I went with my version of it.

Day 3.....Maybe day 2

My sister assigned me the job of making a 3-D object, a card and a mini card.
After many hours of cutting, folding and refolding, I came up with these items

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today is my first full day as a Stampin' Up member. As my sister says WHOOHOO!!
Because I will not get my supplies for a few weeks I decided to practice. Well I do have some Stampin' Up stuff but I didn't want to waste it. So I got out my Stampin' Up Big Shot and my Stampin' Up BigZ scallop die cut and using a no name paper I made some envelopes. Most people would say make one or two and try something else but not me. After making 30 envelopes out of paper, fabric , tin ,copper. Who needs 30 envelopes? The gift size? And where are the gift cards to go in them? Didn't think about that. Wonder what size you need? Well guess I will need to make more.
I did find out when making them TIP : don't use more then 1-2 pieces of paper. If you use more they have a tendency to cut the folds some. You can still use them but they are not as nice.
I did glue some of the envelopes on the sides but with tin or copper glue doesn't work well.( I speak from experience)TIP: Use some Stampin Up sticky strips. And for the fabric, I need to back it with something so it is neat and folds well. Plan to try backing the fabric before I cut. Off to make more.
TIP: The tin and copper are roof flashing. You get it at any hardware store near the roofing shingles.
Tin is cheap but the copper runs about $36.00 for 15 feet. can get expensive.